Photographer - Mark Lees



Mark has been a full time, Professional Photographer for nearly twenty years. Mark studied photography at Bradford University and since then he’s worked in the press, owned a busy commercial photography studio and worked on location all over the world. When Mark isn’t trackside for MSV Photography you’ll find him shooting architectural images for civil engineering companies, show homes for property developers or food and hotels for restaurant guides and brochures; he’s a busy guy but he just loves shooting our trackdays.

Mark works for us mainly at Cadwell Park and occasionally at Oulton Park and likes to get really close to the action, his favourite photographic spots are at the Shell Oils hairpin at Oulton and on the inside of Chris Curve at Cadwell, “They’re both a long way from the paddock but they offer the kind of shot you just can’t get anywhere else.” he explained. 


Camera Equipment

Canon EOS 1D


Mark uses top of the range Canon cameras to capture the action and this year he’s upgrading his backup camera to the very latest model so that our trackday customers get the best images possible.




Mark's photography website is



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