Photographer - Rob Spicer



Rob has been a keen photographer from an early age, usually borrowing his parents' 35mm film cameras for trips abroad. As a teenager he bought his first digital camera, a fuji point and shoot on which he learnt the basic settings of how to create an exposure. In 2007 he picked up his first digital SLR camera and started to combine his interests such as motor sport and travel with his photography.

In combining his interest for motor sport he started shooting for MSV in 2009 where he began shooting track days and MSV event days. This made his passion for photography grow and he tries his hand in any aspect of photography where he can. He especially enjoys landscape photography, panoramic stitching and has a keen interest in aviation. Recently an interest in shooting live music has been ignited and some future projects with some upcoming local bands is in the pipeline for some more interesting work. 


Camera Equipment

Nikon D3 and D200
Sigma 100-300 f4
Nikon 24-70 f2.8
Nikon 1.4x Teleconverter



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